Everything is a thing w/ my son. Yes, I'm sorry I just want everybody safe and have asked you to wash your hands (clearly) an unreasonable amount of times today. My bad. I'll just get/be sick instead. (I think) everybody wins.

Kevin Hart Buys a 1,000-HP 1970 Charger to Replace the 720-HP Barracuda That Almost Killed Him

If at first you don't succeed...

A Category 5 atmospheric river -- stretching 2,700 miles across the Pacific -- is drenching the Northwest US - CNN

Not one fucking scowl when I'm watering my lawn this summer... Not one

Zach Galifianakis could have literally revived "I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown!"

Then I guess we've been causing this for the better part of a decade! Props and

Cord-Cutters Cause Comcast to Launch Nationwide Data Cap

I still don't know enough about this story but I'm very disappointed:

Google fires prominent AI ethicist Timnit Gebru - The Verge

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My thoughts are with all the medical workers who will not be able to spend time with their own families over Thanksgiving weekend because so many hospitals are at capacity and need every able hand available. Please keep them in your heart, and be safe. Stay healthy. Don’t travel.

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Translation: The recent statement by Chris Krebs was highly accurate, in that there were no improprieties or fraud, confirmed by all credible 2020 Election officials sworn under oath to be truthful. Therefore, he has been terminated for refusing to lie for me, your .

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If you don’t lead, you must concede.

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President Trump tweets that Congress should pass a "big and focused" Covid-19 relief bill. Negotiations remain stalled.

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To anyone thinking of counter demonstrating against the “Million MAGA march”: Please just stay home. You’re only playing into their hands because they want violent confrontation. Don’t give it to them. Let them yell and scream, just like they do on Parler where no one can hear.

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Instead of "What's new?" I've started asking people "Develop any fun coping mechanisms lately?"

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One reason Trump’s advisors are so worried he might not be able to win, is because he lost.

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Trump can't concede because he didn't inherit a concession speech from his father.

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